Portsmouth North MP dismisses council’s stance over temporary road proposal

John Cass. the chairman of the Tipner and Stamshaw Neighbourhood Forum, has campaigned against lorries using Twyford Avenue for years
John Cass. the chairman of the Tipner and Stamshaw Neighbourhood Forum, has campaigned against lorries using Twyford Avenue for years
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  • Portsmouth North MP says she backs planning application for Tipner temporary road
  • Twyford Avenue campaigner says he’s yet to see how private land values will rise
  • Comes after Tory planning leader says authority is unlikely to give consent
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PENNY Mordaunt is calling on Portsmouth City Council to get its act together and grant approval for a road taking heavy traffic out of residential areas.

The authority says it won’t give consent for a temporary track to run through Tipner’s former park-and-ride compound because it will increase the value of private land.

This is really blighting residents’ lives.

Portsmouth North MP Penny Mordaunt

But the Portsmouth North MP doesn’t think that’s a good enough excuse and it’s time residents are thought of first.

And she said she fully supports a planning application that has gone in for the road, on behalf of Tipner west landowner John Henry Pounds, and will make her case to the council why it should go ahead.

Residents in Twyford Avenue have repeatedly spoken out about the high numbers of lorries that run through their street to get to commercial land west of Tipner, and say it will only get worse when the entire area is redeveloped in years to come.
Ms Mordaunt told The News: ‘If it’s the case that a landowner benefits from the approval of this application, that’s not a reason to stop it.
‘(Tory planning boss) Councillor Luke Stubbs’ argument is, he doesn’t want to get planning permission for this 100m stretch of road, that would make the residents’ lives much nicer, because he feels it would benefit the landowner.
‘It would be no detriment to the council, yet he doesn’t want to do it.’
Cllr Stubbs has also argued the road could jeopardise the need to ‘masterplan’ the whole area before it is redeveloped into housing.
But campaigners have argued the road would only be temporary and therefore could be put in before the need for masterplanning.
Ms Mordaunt added: ‘This is really blighting residents’ lives.
‘They have got a lot more of this to come.
‘When new infrastructure goes in, it will get worse – so let’s make their lives a bit easier.
Twyford Avenue resident John Cass said: ‘I have yet to see how private land values will go up and the council’s share will go down.
‘It’s great Penny is backing us, she could see this was needed right from the beginning. If we were asking for the impossible, we would have gone away a long time ago.’