Portsmouth salon provokes anger with ‘offensive’ name

ROW The Pretty B*tch salon in Fratton Road. ''Picture: Malcolm Wells (122621-5325)
ROW The Pretty B*tch salon in Fratton Road. ''Picture: Malcolm Wells (122621-5325)

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A BEAUTY salon has come under fire from residents and councillors angry over its controversial name.

There have been claims that the branding of Pretty B*tch, in Fratton Road, is too offensive to be in a busy shopping street near local schools.

Councillors, teachers and parents have called on the shop to think again about its image and change its sign.

But the owners of the business, which moved from Southsea’s Osborne Road in June, said they have never had any complaints in their two years of trading.

But Fratton councillor David Fuller said he and his Lib Dem ward colleagues agreed that the shop’s signs were inappropriate.

‘I think the shop’s name and the pictures that go with it just totally send out the wrong message,’ he said.

‘What if you are driving into the city for the first time and see that sign. What are you going to think about Portsmouth?

‘It goes too far and I think it’s offensive. I’m speaking to the police and trading standards to see if anything can be done.’

Anne Roberts, 34, of Chichester Road, added: ‘I’m surprised they were allowed to put it up really.

‘Surely there’s some rule against displaying big swear words like that, even if they are censored. And it’s not a word all women are happy about seeing.’

But in a statement the joint managers, sisters Madison and Beau Hyatt, said: ‘We are very surprised at this news, we launched the brand in Portsmouth over two years ago and to this day, have had nothing but a positive response.

‘Our salon branding follows in the footsteps of many international brands who include censored slang in their marketing, such as Skinny Cow and French Connection in their logo FCUK.

‘Our brand and brand name, is part of the unique and modern service we provide to our growing and loyal customer base.’

Conservative group leader Simon Bosher said while the shop’s name ‘sails a bit close to the wind’ he didn’t think it was worth getting upset over.

‘It’s telling that the Lib Dems didn’t have any concerns about this shop before it moved,’ he said.

‘This strikes me as hypocrisy and political opportunism.’