Portsmouth woman told she must get rid of beloved pet

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A WOMAN who suffers with heart problems has been told she has 28 days to find a new home for her dog.

Carol Ann Child, who lives in Trinidad House, Paulsgrove, Portsmouth, has had triple heart bypass surgery and her dog Blu helps to keep her company.

But her tenancy policy states she is not permitted to keep pets and housing association First Wessex says she needs to take action.

Mrs Child said: ‘I love that dog, it’d break my heart to see him go.

‘I’m not able to go out much, and he’s such a comfort to me.’

Her son, Martin Williams, 44, who is her carer and a taxi driver for Aqua Cars, said: ‘Because of my mum’s heart bypass, her and the dog have got very close.

‘It’s absolutely devastating. ‘All she’s got is that dog, it’s her best friend. He doesn’t do any harm. ‘

‘Without sounding dramatic, I think it could be the end of her.’

Mrs Child has had her beloved pet for eight months.

A First Wessex spokesperson said: ‘The property was clearly advertised as one where pets were not allowed and prior permission was needed if a tenant wished to keep one.’