Postal service will see improvements thanks to new deal

The company was primarily conceived to support a number of F1 racing teams but has since expanded and grown to support the aerospace and automotive sectors.  PNL-151014-164605002

Leading Formula One industry supplier acquires new £1m site in Havant

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WITH Christmas on the way, postal services can get buried under presents and cards.

But it shouldn’t be a problem for Sweden as its postal service, Posten, has just signed a new contract with Havant-based Lockheed Martin UK.

The new contract, valued at more than £8m, will see Lockheed Martin UK provide around-the-clock monitoring of the systems that control the Swedish mail processing operations.

The firm, which is a leader in systems integrations spanning the areospace, defence and civil sectors, will also provide a help desk and distribute software updates and changes to synchronise with Posten’s requirements.

Andy Robertson, programme management director for Lockheed Martin UK, said: ‘Our excellent Service Level Agreement (SLA) attainment over the years, coupled with our programme performance on major new projects, were major influences in Posten making this award.

‘We also confidently expect the new framework agreement to generate additional Lockheed Martin business in conjunction with Posten.’

The new contract, spread over five years, has been combined with a new agreement for the firm to consolidate its postal operations experience with Posten.

‘It will also identify new business--enhancing projects to maintain the latter’s
leadership position in Scandinavia.

Hanna Jonasson, Posten’s head of technology, added: ‘We are very pleased with the long term support and cooperation we have had from Lockheed Martin.

‘They have helped us to develop our processes to take advantage of higher levels of automation.’