Protest against proposed cuts to railways after government report

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‘Nowhere in Europe offers everything Portsmouth does’

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DEMONSTRATORS gathered at a railway station to protest against planned cuts to train services.

Around 20 RMT activists held a demonstration at Portsmouth and Southsea railway station tonight to voice anger at recommendations in Sir Roy McNulty’s report.

Sir Roy criticised the level of rail workers’ wages and said some ticket offices may have to be closed.

Sir Roy, a former civil servant commissioned by the government to produce his report, has estimated savings of between £700m and £1bn could be made annually by 2019 if his recommendations are put in place.

Mick Tosh, RMT activist, was angry about having more ticket machines at stations and fewer railway staff such as guards.

He said: ‘We distributed close to 2,000 post cards and leaflets in just under an hour.

‘People were massively interested in the fare increases and job cuts.

‘We are not stopping. It’s a national demonstration. We are going to be at stations on a regular basis.’

He said trains were once the cheapest form of transport for people.

He added: ‘We are rapidly making it an elitist thing to do. It should be available to all people.