Protesters gather at Tesco over lads’ mags

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ACTIVISTS today protested over the stocking of lads’ mags at a superstore in Portsmouth.

Around 12 members of feminist and womens groups, along with children, handed out leaflets and waved placards outside Tesco Extra, in North Harbour.

CAMPAIGN Protesters at Tesco

CAMPAIGN Protesters at Tesco

Shonagh Dillon, CEO of Aurora New Dawn, which works with domestic abuse victims, delivered a letter to store manager Scott Moonan.

In it she argued that lads’ mags fuel attitudes underpinning violence toward women and they can breach equality legislation.

She told The News: ‘We’re here campaigning today on a national day of action.

‘We want to see stores like Tesco lose the lads’ mags.

‘They ... dehumanise women as sexual objects, which underpins violence towards women.’

She was joined by members of Solent Feminist Network and Portsmouth White Ribbon Group.

Shoppers stopped to take leaflets from the activists, who won praise from some today.

But a 21-year-old glamour model from Fareham, who has posed for Zoo magazine topless, disagreed.

Hollie Hill, her professional name, which she asked The News to use to protect her family, said it was up to women if they wanted to pose for lads’ mags.

She said: ‘I don’t quite understand how it’s portraying sexism, it’s women’s choice if they want to be on the magazines.

‘I feel this isn’t going to achieve anything, Tesco are not going to stop selling them, I honestly think it’s pathetic.

Store manager Mr Moonan said the vast majority of Tesco customers don’t have an issue with the magazines.

He said: ‘It’s about giving choice to our customers.

‘The lads’ mags we stock are on a higher tier so younger children can’t see the front covers.

‘Tesco are working with publishers of those magazines are more modest in future.’

The protesters were outside the store from 12pm to 1pm.