Queue continue to form at petrol stations across Hampshire

BUSY Motorists queueing for petrol at the Sainsbury's store at Farlington.   ''Picture: Malcolm Wells (121145-8720)
BUSY Motorists queueing for petrol at the Sainsbury's store at Farlington. ''Picture: Malcolm Wells (121145-8720)
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SEVEN Portsmouth petrol stations have now run out of fuel.

The Shell service station, in London Road, Hilsea has now run out of both unleaded petrol and diesel after queues started at 4.45am.

The queue at Asda

The queue at Asda

Last night the queues went down Northern Parade until as late at 1am when the service station closed.

It is not known when the garage will have a delivery.

Jet service station, in Portsmouth Road, Cosham is set to close early for the second day running.

As reported, the station closed at 4pm yesterday - six hours early - after it ran out of fuel earlier in the day.

Today motorists have been told they can only buy a maximum of £20 fuel at the station because a new delivery is not expected until Tuesday.

One employee said: ‘The queues have still been constant. We’re going to run out of fuel again and that’s why the decision has been made to close the station between 5pm and 6pm this evening.

‘Drivers aren’t happy with the restrictions. Staff have been verbally abused but we just have to get on with things.’

Texaco garage, in Kingston Road, Buckland, only has an hour supply of diesel left.

A delivery is not expected until Sunday. The garage still has supplies of unleaded petrol.

Cashier Dushyehan Kumar said: ‘The queues have been constant for two days now.

‘We only have a limited supply of diesel left.

‘It’s been difficult keeping up with the demand to be honest.

‘At the moment its still really busy and the cars back down onto the main road.’

BP service station, in Commercial Road, Landport, is now only selling fuel to emergency services because of low supplies.

The station has not had a fuel delivery since Wednesday.

An employee, who did not wish to be named, said: ‘It’s been absolutely manic. We’re only selling fuel to the emergency services now because we’re worried about running out.’

Police are currently positioned at the entrance of the garage.

Staff at Sainsbury’s petrol station, in Fitzherbert Road, Farlington, directed drivers waiting for fuel into the car park so they could wait there earlier today.

The measure has eased congestion at the traffic lights and stopped the entrance into Sainsbury’s being blocked.

The petrol station ran out of fuel in the early hours but a delivery arrived shortly before 8am.

This morning Hampshire Constabulary say they are keeping a close eye on petrol stations that run out of fuel.

Glyn Morris, of Hampshire Constabulary’s control room, said: ‘At the moment we’re just keeping a log of any closures and any stations that have long queues.

‘We will only take action if there are any reports of public disorder offences occurring at stations.’

Employees at Asda petrol station, in Speedfields Park, Fareham, are out on the forecourt directing motorists to the next available pump.

Queues for the station have built up since 5.30am this morning.

A worker said: ‘Queues had been building for the same pump because drivers would rather fill up on the side where their nozzle is.

‘We now have a team of people out on the forecourt directing people to the next available pump.

‘There is quite a substantial queue. It’s been like this since 5.30am this morning. A colleague trying to get to work caught caught up in the traffic this morning.’

Queues for fuel have already begun at Shell service station, in Goldsmith Avenue, Southsea this morning.

Last night a row of cars waiting for the pumps at the station stretched half way down the road.

An employee said: ‘It’s been busy and there have been queues at differet parts of the morning.

‘Luckily we had a delivery last night so there shouldn’t be a shortage.

‘If it was me I wouldn’t queue for more than two minutes. These people just don’t seem to have any sense.’

Cars have been queuing for fuel at Esso garage, in Copnor Road, Copnor since 5.15am this morning - despite the garage not opening until 6am.

Staff say they are worried about a fuel shortage.

One worker said: ‘It’s been manic. People have been queuing all morning. It’s been non-stop.

‘We hope we don’t end up running low on fuel.’

The queues for fuel have been seen at Shell service station, in Rowlands Castle, since it received a fuel delivery at 10.30pm last night.

The 24-hour garage had been closed to fuel customers earlier in the day because it had run out of fuel.

Now workers say they will run out of supplies again - and they don’t know when another delivery will arrive.

One employee, who did not wish to be named, said: ‘It’s been queued out the door since last night.

‘We will most certainly run out of fuel again. We don’t know when another delivery is coming in.

‘I personally think that the panic-buying is ridiculous.

‘A strike hasn’t even been called. There’s at least a seven-day notice period.

‘I think the government made a bad call. It’s just caused chaos.’