Record year for boat transportation company

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FAREHAM-based boat transport firm PSP has announced a record-breaking year of sales which has cemented the firm’s position within the marine industry.

Managing director Frank Dixie said the result was the fruit of a five-year plan to become ‘one of the world’s leading boat transportation companies’.

He said: ‘We ploughed substantial investment into events and associations such as The PSP Southampton Boat Show and ISAF [the International Sailing Federation] and have proven ourselves through the fantastic work we have done for the likes of The Clipper Round the World Yacht Race and America’s Cup.

‘This year, having had such a successful 2011 and being involved in so many marine and sailing events, we feel that we are finally there.’

Mr Dixie reported that in 2011 PSP increased its turnover by 20 per cent, and is predicting a further 20 per cent increase in 2012.

Mr Dixie added: ‘Now we are a part of this incredibly exciting fraternity we will continue to stand our ground and provide the best service in order to become number one.’