Relationship coach pens advice book for people

Author Sophie Personne
Author Sophie Personne
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SINGLETONS everywhere should look within for the answers to their problems, a relationship expert has said.

Sophie Personne, 38, has published advice, which she has learnt from experience coaching both individuals and couples, in her new self-help book Your Other Half: The Guide to Better Relationships with Others & Yourself.

The book aims to help people understand the answers to relationship issues using simple methods and thought processes.

Drawing on her own experiences as well as those of her clients, Sophie, from Southsea, believes the key to finding the right person is self-reflection.

She said: ‘You must look at the relationship you have with yourself before you try and find a relationship with somebody else.

‘When you break up with somebody you always blame the other person, and when they break up with you they’re still to blame. You never look for the real reasons for the split and that leads to you making the same mistakes time and time again.’

Sophie has gone from security manager to adviser in order to write her book.

First working as a manager in security at Portsmouth’s port, she discovered the talent she didn’t know she had.

Sophie said: ‘All of my staff would come to me with their problems. I really enjoyed helping them, even if it did mean I became mum of the group.’

She then took to organising singles’ nights in 2012, helping people find true love. She says this did not allow her to help in addressing root causes, so she decided to do more.

‘As I met more people at the events, I realised that the reason a lot of people were single was that their mindset was all wrong,’ she said.

‘It was then that I decided to become a relationship coach.’

Sophie’s advice has helped people in many different situations, not just those struggling to find a partner. The secret, according to Sophie, is communication.

She said: ‘The book has exercises, tips and techniques to help you realise and also states some facts that you need to know. This will help you change the way you are with others, which will in turn change how they are with you.’

Your Other Half retails at £10 at