Rich fans bankrolling Pompey, says Trust executive

Iain McInnes
Iain McInnes

Firm wins Sustained Business Performance award

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Wealthy fans are keeping Pompey afloat financially, a leading member of the fans’ buy-out bid said today.

The revelationa was made by Iain McInnes, proposed chairman of Pompey under Pompey Supporters Trust ownership, after the postponment of the High Court case on Pompey’s future.

He said: ‘It was quite clear that if this thing went wrong the blame would have been coming in one direction.

‘That was a result for us today. We got a fair hearing, a fair judgement.

‘The high net worths are continuing to fund the club and will be funding the club through to the next court case.

‘We started seven weeks ago - since the middle of October. We are bridging the losses.

‘It’s about time people realised that.

‘I’m not seeking any applause. At the end of the day, people need to understand that if we hadn’t have come here today I don’t think there would have been a hearing.

‘The obvious outcome would have been liquidation or Portpin walking away.

‘We’ve made the decision that we will now fund the club to the court hearing in 28 days time. If we didn’t make that decision, PKF wouldn’t have carried on.’

On the issue raised in court relating to property developer Stuart Robinson and the REL company, Mr McInnes said: ‘I liken it to transfer deadline day. The paperwork didn’t come in on time and they had to inform the court that the hearing that was meant to be a valuation was not able to take place.

‘We applied for more time to make sure that gets done. There’s no fault attached but a question of timing.

‘It caused a fair amount of hassle but this was the result.

‘We were up all night trying to finalise this. It needs to be said because negotiations have been hard. We are not owning the club, we are funding a potential ownership of the club and along that funding is clearly going in the running of the club we don’t yet own.’