Rolls-Royce unveils the second Phantom

HI-TECH The Rolls-Royce Phantom II
HI-TECH The Rolls-Royce Phantom II
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SIR Henry Royce famously urged his employees to strive for perfection and ‘to take the best that exists and make it better’.

Yesterday saw a first for Rolls-Royce Motor Cars in Goodwood, as the new Phantom II was unveiled there at the same time as being unveiled at the Geneva Motorshow.

It was the first time the world saw the new model which, as manufacturing director Jorg Bause said, took the original model and simply made it better.

He said: ‘We listened very carefully to the voices of our customers and their wishes.

‘They all said, don’t change the Phantom too much, change it only a little to incorporate new technology where appropriate.

‘The car remains the unmistakeable Rolls-Royce Phantom.’

Some of the changes include a restyled front bumper and LED lights, a new sat-nav system on a larger display, and a multimedia centre for the rear passengers.

It has a new eight-speed gearbox, a 10 per cent improvement on fuel consumption and a reduction in its CO2 emissions.

The launch tops off a great year for Rolls-Royce Motor cars, which saw it break its previous sales records with around 3,500 cars being sold last year.

It is also expanding its manufacturing section, to give more room for its bespoke operation, which is increasing in popularity.

Mr Bause said: ‘Rolls-Royce really is a great British success story and we are proud of that.

‘Our current optimism is continuing and we aim to see another record year in 2012.’

About 16 of the cars have so far been built, all of them at the plant in Goodwood.