Roman heritage is revealed in new books

HISTORICAL Chichester Cathedral and City Walls
HISTORICAL Chichester Cathedral and City Walls
Picture: Pierandrea Guarnieri

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THE HISTORY of Chichester’s 1,800-year-old city walls will come alive in three new publications.

A book, a souvenir guide and a free new leaflet have been launched.

It follows the completion of a major three-year project to restore the city walls for future generations, including structural repairs to the most vulnerable sections.

The free leaflet and souvenir guide – entitled Chichester City Walls: A legacy of the Romans – introduces residents and tourists to the walls.

The souvenir guide is available for £2.50.

A more detailed account has been produced by Museum of London Archaeology.

The new book – Chichester City Walls by Andrew Westman – is a detailed history of the walls from the arrival of the Romans to the present day. The book costs £15.

All the publications are available from The Novium, Chichester’s new museum in Tower Street.

Andy Howard, city walls project officer, said: ‘These new publications are a great resource for residents and visitors who want to find out a bit more about our historic walls.’

The restoration project was awarded £685,000 from the Heritage Lottery Fund, recognising the national importance of the walls.

The grant was awarded to Chichester City Walls Partnership. Chichester District Council also contributed £199,000.