Rowner is key trial for zero-carbon homes

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AN MP has called at Rowner in Gosport in a bid to examine how energy-efficient the new project is.

The Rowner Renewal Partnership and the Zero Carbon Hub were visited by MP Andrew Stunell, the parliamentary under-secretary of state at the department for communities and local government.

As part of the first phase of area’s regeneration, two near-identical blocks of apartments have been built, one to current building regulation requirements and one to a new Fabric Energy Efficiency Standard, as part of the government’s target for all new housing to be zero carbon by 2016.

These are the first flats to be constructed specifically to this standard.

Mr Stunell, said: ‘I’m very pleased to see the practical, detailed monitoring being undertaken at Rowner, and look forward to hearing the results.

‘Getting a clearer understanding of building performance is fundamental to the aim we all share, of building better and more energy-efficient homes.’