Sacrifices to buy a home

London and south east are top in manufacturing productivity according to report

Report finds that south east is top in country for manufacturing 

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HOLIDAYS are the first things Portsmouth residents are willing to cut to enable them to buy a new home.

House builder Barratt Homes conducted a survey of 2,000 people to determine what luxuries residents would cut back on in order to save enough to make their dream move.

More than a third of those asked said they would forego a trip away. The survey revealed that just six per cent said they would stop smoking in a bid to acquire extra funds. Only 13 per cent would give up alcohol and a mere 10.5 per cent were happy to give up coffee.

Sales director Michelle Storer said: ‘Acquiring a new home is a big financial commitment for anyone and, understandably, many would-be buyers take it very seriously.

‘Those asked in our survey said it was worth giving them up for a short while for the greater cause.’