School girls go all aboard for STEM subjects

SCHOOL girls were given an insight into STEM-related subjects onboard a cruise ship.

Tuesday, 26th June 2018, 5:55 am
Portsmouth High School pupils

The group from Portsmouth High School visited the Princess Cruises’ 3,560-guest Royal Princess cruise ship in Southampton and were given a behind-the-scenes glimpse into life on the ship.

The visit opened with a tour of the bridge and Captain Nick Nash explained some of the STEM options available.

He said: ‘Forty years ago there were rarely women at sea yet there are now female captains and engineers across the industry. Careers at sea are open to anybody, regardless of who you are and where you come from, as long as you have common sense and can do the job.’

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Staff Captain Allesandro Genzo talked the students through the processes which allow the 143,000-tonne ship to safely dock, depart and manoeuvre, including a normally-unseen internal ship’s view of the anchor being raised.

Students also visited the engine room, where Cadet William Ferguson explained the workings of Royal Princess’ 1,082ft of electrics, machinery and engines.

Science teacher Caroline Morgan said: ‘Meeting the Captain and the officers, who all showed such professionalism and passion for their jobs, was truly inspirational for all of us. The girls have come away from the visit in absolute awe of everything they have seen and with great aspirations to be the next wave of women in the industry.’