Social finance firm backs South Parade Pier trust

South Parade Pier, Southsea
South Parade Pier, Southsea
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‘Nowhere in Europe offers everything Portsmouth does’

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COMMUNITY finance firm Parity Trust is helping to fund a takeover of South Parade Pier.

As reported, the South Parade Trust wants to buy the pier from its current owners Fred Nash and Dawn Randall.

The pier has been plagued with problems, and for a time was shut to the public over safety fears.

The back part of the pier, where historically paddle steamers would dock, remains closed to all but fishermen.

South Parade Trust chairman Leon Reis said: ‘The people of Portsmouth and Southsea will have cause to be very grateful to Parity Trust when our campaign to save the pier bears fruit.

‘Parity Trust money gives us room to operate freely.

‘But even more important than their money has been their wise advice and immense support for more than a year.

‘We choose our advisers very carefully and are proud that Parity Trust chooses to work with us to save Hampshire’s last Victorian seaside pier.’

Money from the Parity Trust, which is based in 1000 Lakeside in North Harbour, enabled the South Parade Trust to take a stand in the art tent at the Southsea Show last weekend.

Trust members wanted the public to bring their stories and allow the trust to scan their photos to capture memories of the pier, creating an archive of its place in the city’s life over many generations.

Simon Frost, Parity Trust’s chief executive officer, said: ‘We wish the South Parade Trust luck in working to support the local community and the regeneration of Southsea seafront.

‘The seafront is a beautiful location and we hope that one day the pier will be returned to its former glory.’