Staff raise more than £1,700 in charity Dartmoor challenge

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STAFF from Onecom telecommunications company made money for charity in gruelling Dartmoor challenge.

Workers from the Whiteley firm raised more than £1,700 by carrying two loaded boxes across the hostile terrain of Dartmoor in aid of disaster relief charity ShelterBox.

Eight Onecom colleagues took part in the ShelterBox Dartmoor Challenge to raise money for the charity that sends vital supplies to families affected by war and natural disaster.

The two-day event required teams to carry ShelterBoxes loaded with supplies and emergency survival kit up to 30 miles over the challenging terrain of Dartmoor National Park.

Participants competed for points and were given credit for navigation, tactical decision-making, speed and endurance.

One of the team members, Parysa Hosseini-Sech, said: ‘We had this massive box filled with a range of equipment – emergency blankets and survival kit, plus all the things we needed such as tents, cooking utensils and sleeping bags – in all it weighed about 30kg.

‘We had met beforehand to talk about how we were going to get the boxes over the moor.

‘For the most part it was down to hard work and determination, with the boxes actually strapped to our backs.

‘We were lucky with the conditions, it was quite warm and dry, but Dartmoor is pretty unforgiving regardless of what the weather gets up to.’