Staff take shorter lunch breaks and work harder

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CUTTING visits to the gym, taking shorter lunch breaks and working harder to cover staff shortages are some of the ways that office workers are responding to pressures at work

A study asked 3,000 UK office workers about their working conditions and attitudes.

It revealed that 31 per cent had felt pressure to work harder and take shorter lunch breaks because of the current economic climate or due to staff cuts.

Among graduate trainees, this figure rose to 43 per cent.

Over half of those surveyed – 56 per cent – said they took less than 30 minutes for lunch, and 18 per cent said that they usually worked through their lunch break.

The survey, from Business Environment, highlighted some considerable differences across industry sectors with 38 per cent of respondents in the banking and insurance sector enjoying an hour’s break, while 35 per cent of those in the catering industry said they never took a lunch hour.