Still hope for South Parade Pier sale, say auctioneers

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AUCTIONEERS believe there is a chance South Parade Pier could still be sold after the landmark failed to attract a buyer.

The Southsea pier was up for sale at an auction held by Clive Emson auctioneers at the Ageas Bowl in Southampton.

NO DEAL South Parade Pier failed to sell at auction. ''Picture: Sarah Standing (124039-7324)

NO DEAL South Parade Pier failed to sell at auction. ''Picture: Sarah Standing (124039-7324)

Despite a guide price of £210,000, the Grade II listed landmark only attracted a top bid of £190,000.

Part of the pier has been closed since October following safety concerns.

But auctioneer Robert Marchant said a deal could still be reached to find new owners.

He said: ‘We thought there was sufficient interest in the run up to the auction but, whether it’s people who don’t want to get involved in such a public arena, I don’t know.

‘It didn’t make reserve so we couldn’t sell.

‘There were people who showed interest in the property and I’m very hopeful we might get something in the aftermath of the auction.

‘It’s common for properties to be sold after the auction – we’re still on auction terms so we are hopeful it still may be done.

‘It certainly needs some money spending on it to get to back to an extent where it can be reopened to the public.’

Co-owner Dawn Randall said she was pleased no buyer was found for the pier.

She said: ‘I want to work on this and get it back open.

‘I absolutely love the pier – it means the world to me as it was given to me by my father who I lost last year.’

Meanwhile, Owain Harris, owner of Southsea Capital and lease holder of the pier’s arcade and fish and chip shop, faces a notice to quit the pier by the end of the month.

He said: ‘It’s a shame it didn’t sell to someone who can take it forward.

‘Even if we’re not there, just someone to restore it to its former glory and allow it exist for many generations to come.’