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TESCO has won its bid to increase its trading to 24-hour opening at its Chichester store.

It comes despite fears expressed by residents that the Fishbourne Road site was attracting late-night ‘yobbish behaviour.’

The retailer had been granted temporary permission to extend its opening hours in 2010 and had been seeking a permanent agreement for opening all hours, except Sunday.

It agreed to put up a 6ft fence and CCTV cameras at the northern pedestrian entrance in a bid to prevent youths from gathering around the site late at night. The city council has granted permission to open late for a period of two years.

In a letter of objection to the increased opening hours, Caroline Pegg, of Fishbourne Road East believed the move would have a damaging effect on the area, saying: ‘Extending hours will exacerbate this litter problem, which causes an unsightly mess in the local environment.’

Tesco said it has adequate safety measures and that it had received no complaints about the prospect of 24-hour trading.