Streamed music service to shine light on talentÂ

A STREAMED music service spearheaded by some of Portsmouth's finest business minds is hoping to take on the likes of Spotify and Amazon Music.

Thursday, 9th August 2018, 1:22 pm
Updated Saturday, 1st September 2018, 10:21 am
Members of Team Jeeni: (Ieft-to right) Ricky Foyle (Design Director, Gosport), Alisdair Taylor (social media, Old Portsmouth), Andy Stagg (IT Director, Fareham), Mel Croucher (Founding Director, Southsea), Shena Mitchell (Founding Director, Southsea)

Jeeni is due to launch next year and it hopes to shine a spotlight on a new generation of music superstars to help them build a global fanbase.

The streamed music service will allow its listeners to vote on who joins the platform, and it features a host of celebrities and experts to assist and guide new talent. 

The company has already been endorsed by Richard Branson's Virgin Crowdboost programme.

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Jeeni's development is led by Shena Mitchell, the woman behind Invest South and The Innovation Warehouse. Shena is joined by entrepreneur Mel Croucher, who founded the first videogame company in the UK in Southsea.

Now, after a string of number one gaming titles and a long career promoting superstars like Prince and Eminem, Mel is heading up the Jeeni mission to turn undiscovered local talent into stadium headliners.

Mel said: '˜Jeeni has an office in California run by the same talent that launched iTunes for Apple, but you won't get me moving out there. Jeeni headquarters is staying right here in Pompey. It's a creative hub and a great talent pool, and this is where we belong.' 

One of the world's top record executives has also joined the team of talent-spotters. 

Roger Watson, a Grammy Award record producer with 500m record sales to his name, will be lending his experience to the Jeeni project.

Roger said: '˜We all took the journey starting with our creative dreams, and we made it to the top. Now I want to give something back, and help the next generation of new talent to shine through. Jeeni makes that journey better, and fairer, and more rewarding.' 

Jeeni has launched a crowdfunding campaign and plans to go live on crowdfunding site Crowdcube on September 1.