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STORAGE Alex Worrall of Xyratex at the launch of Langstone Technology Park's entry into the Best Network
STORAGE Alex Worrall of Xyratex at the launch of Langstone Technology Park's entry into the Best Network
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WE need to take more pictures on our phones, upload more videos to the internet, and create new web content.

The more people who do, says Havant data storage firm Xyratex, the more successful the firm will be.

Alex Worrall, vice president for product strategy, said that though there had been a time when most of the world’s computers were tested by Xyratex, the firm’s future was in storing the huge amounts of data created every day for the internet.

The firm is based at Langstone Technology Park, the former home of IBM’s Research and Development.

It was formed with a management buyout when IBM withdrew from the site in the 90s, and specialised in developing disk drives for data storage.

Alex was addressing business and community leaders, gathered at the park for the launch of its inclusion into the Best network of business parks, as reported in The News.

He said: ‘I came to this site in 1999 and as a company since then we have seen technology develop at an incredible rate.

‘We have to stay ahead with what our customers need when even they can’t predict what they’ll need – the technology is running that far ahead.’

Xyratex has suffered with some disappointing results over the past year or so, but Alex remains upbeat about the company’s future.

He said: ‘Right now we are the world’s largest provider of external storage.

‘We have been evolving in the market and right now some of the world’s super computers are powered by high class storage systems that were developed right here on this site in Havant.

‘The more data that is created, the more storage is needed, so take more pictures, share your videos, because that generates the need for storage and helps us.’

Alex said the firm works with institutions including the University of Portsmouth in order to recruit the right people to help the business stay ahead of the game.

As well as its Havant HQ, Xyratex has offices in Silicone Valley in the USA as well as Mexico, Canada, Japan and South East Asia.