TalkTalk hacking: What customers need to know

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Tesco has said it had listened to customer feedback and had decided to delay the introduction of the changes until June 10.

Tesco delays reward changes after outcry

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Experts have issued advice to TalkTalk customers after the firm admitted the personal details of millions of subscribers could have been stolen by cyber criminals who hacked into the company’s website.

The key advice to the four million people who might be affected is to be extra cautious of any phone calls received.

TalkTalk Chief Executive Dido Harding - who today apologised for the security breach - urged customers to check the validity of calls where they’re asked to reveal personal details.

“If you get a phone call from anyone purporting to be from Talk Talk or any other company you’re not expecting and they ask you to reveal personal information please be very careful to check the validity of that call, she said.

“Talk Talk will never call out of the blue and ask you to reveal any of your personal information.”

Consumer experts urged customers to keep a close eye on their banking information to look for signs of fraudulent transactions and to be vigilant with all forms of communication, including unexpected emails that may ask for additional information.

They said that if someone calling or emailing a customer already has information like name, address, email address, or other account information, that did not automatically mean they could be trusted.

Criminals are likely to give some data to get someone to trust them to hand over more information like a credit card or password.