Technology helps make history come alive at Spinnaker Tower

i-VIEW launch at Spinnaker Tower
i-VIEW launch at Spinnaker Tower
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PORTSMOUTH’S rich and varied history has come alive to visitors to the Spinnaker Tower this Easter.

Unveiled to visitors in time for Good Friday, the new iView interactive touchscreens show visitors what they are looking at in the tower’s 350-degree panorama.

The new screens also tell visitors about much of the area’s 1,700-year history, giving an insight into how the city and the surrounding towns and villages came to be in existence.

Sarah Webb, general manager at Spinnaker Tower, said: ‘The fantastic thing about the Spinnaker Tower is that, as well as the indisputably sensational outlook, there is also acres of history in the view, ranging from the site where the famous Mary Rose sunk to Portchester Castle which played a crucial part in the region’s defences throughout the centuries.

‘Our new touch screens will provide visitors with a fascinating overview of the city’s history at their fingertips, allowing them to pick and choose which aspects of the view they want to learn about.

‘We welcome a number of international visitors throughout the year and I am pleased to say that the screens will also be multilingual, so everyone can enjoy the new features on our view decks.’

The tower is only seven-
and-a-half years old, 
but has been adding to its attractions.

It has a cafe on the second viewing deck as well as 
the Waterfront cafe at its base, which has recently been refurbished.

And it has also made its mark on the global stage, being listed alongside the Eiffel Tower, CN Tower in Toronto and other global landmarks as a member of the World Federation of Great Towers.

Based in Australia, the Federation is an international association of monuments, which work together for promotion purposes.

Membership means the Spinnaker also stands alongside New York’s Empire State Building.