Tesco says it’s sorry for disruption building Portsmouth store with £50 shop vouchers

FUN DAY Lucy and Callum Hart with their children, from left, Mia and Max
FUN DAY Lucy and Callum Hart with their children, from left, Mia and Max
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SUPERMARKET giant Tesco is set to hand shopping vouchers to neighbours disrupted by the creation of a new store.

Occupants of 22 flats in Belham Apartments, Montague Road, North End, Portsmouth, are each to be given £50 shopping vouchers as an apology for noise caused by work preparing the Tesco Express store.

The store has just opened on the corner of London Road and Montague Road.

The residents were enraged when promises made by the firm to limit work to after 9am were broken.

Hilsea ward Councillor Donna Jones said: ‘Work fell behind, and builders were working at around 6.30am. They were drilling, and waking people up. But it’s good the company is going to hand out these vouchers.’

Belham Apartments residents had also campaigned to limit the hours in which the new store should be allowed to sell alcoholic drinks. But that failed in December last year, when Portsmouth City Council’s licensing sub-committee decided to allow the store to sell alcohol from 6.30am, when it opens, to its closing time of 11pm.

Neighbours were also asked to choose where the contractor which carried out the work, ISG Pearce, should make a donation of £500. The firm’s site manager Mike Davies has given the cash to Hilsea Lido Pool for the People.

He said: ‘Every store we build, we make a donation to a charity close by. The Lido Trust’s aims to refurbish the pool seem like a great idea.’

Cllr Jones said: ‘It’s good the money has been given to a charity, chosen by those most disrupted.’

Hilsea Lido Pool for the People is refurbishing the pool, and held an open day on Saturday to show how work is coming along. The trust’s chairwoman, Sabrina Richards, said: ‘We’re delighted to receive this. The repainting of the pool alone will cost thousands of pounds. We’re very grateful.’