The Budget: The view from Osborne Road

Osborne Road sign, Southsea
Osborne Road sign, Southsea
Picture: Pierandrea Guarnieri

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IT’S his name on the street, and people in Southsea’s Osborne Road have been reacting to George Osborne’s Budget.

Pensioner Cicely Candy welcomed the flat-rate weekly pensions announced yesterday.

But the 86-year-old hopes other benefits for OAPs will not be sacrificed.

Ms Candy, of Shaftsbury Road, Southsea, said: ‘I think it’s going to be hard for mothers staying at home to look after children. The childcare voucher for working couples is good.

‘But parents staying at home don’t have much help. With pensions, I have pension credit and other bits to help.

‘I hope that doesn’t stop. A flat rate is good for those that are rich, but I’m not sure how much it will help poorer pensioners.’ Meanwhile assistant bank manager Jessica Waters hopes the changes to mortgage lending will help more young people get on the property ladder.

The 24-year-old of Richmond Road, Gosport, works for Santander in Osborne Road.

She said: ‘The plans to help people buy a house sounds promising. I’m a property owner, but had help from my parents and my partner.

‘Without them, it would have been difficult for me to get enough for a deposit. If you need to save five per cent and the government will help get another 15 per cent for new builds, then I think it will help.’

‘Any saving on fuel is good as well.

‘My partner spends £40 on petrol, so if it can get that cost down, it would be good.’