The new life insurance aimed at millennials

Life insurance for the cost of a couple of coffees? This is the deal millennials have been waiting for.

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Thursday, 24th March 2022, 9:51 am
It comes with a free will to protect your family and save your precious photos
It comes with a free will to protect your family and save your precious photos

Like comparing washing machines or fixing your guttering, organising life insurance seems to fall firmly into the ‘I’ll do that one day’ category.

But the life you’ve worked hard for and the dreams you’ve built could all be shattered without it.

Newest kid on the block, Bequest, has designed its entire product and pricing around millennials who have no time to waste, and little spare cash in their pocket.

Instead, with just a few clicks on their phone, they can sign up for 40 years of life insurance with a starting price equivalent to just a few cups of coffee a month.

Why do I need it?

When you work hard to get your dream home and start building your life around those dreams they can be shattered in an instant. If an accident or illness cuts your life short in the years to come your family might be forced to sell up, move the kids out of school and all your planning was for nothing.

Life insurance from Bequest starts from the cost of two coffees a month, depending on the term and amount of cover you choose – and the younger you are when you sign up, the cheaper it is.

A policy bought when you are 30 is likely to cost a third of a similar policy bought when you are 50 – giving financial cover for the years when your lost salary would create havoc for your family.

How does it work?

You simply visit the website, choose how much cover you’d like and how long you’d like it to last, answer the questions and submit your application. You’re given a a quote right away, and can sign up with a click and get a decision in minutes– this is life cover, simply done.

No need to see anyone in person, no medicals to go through, no sales calls, simply organise your life in one simple quick process .

Who is it for?

With an array of life insurance providers out there, this one has been designed entirely for people aged 20-40 – the younger you are, the better the deal. And you don’t need to speak to anyone on the phone or see a GP, this is a quick and simple online process to buy your peace of mind at an affordable cost. It’s one of the best gifts you could give your future self.

Safeguard your digital life with a free will

If you’ve not previously thought of life insurance you’ve almost certainly not got a will either.

But without one there are no guarantees on what will happen to your loved ones, your possessions or even your digital data.

A Bequest life insurance policy comes with a free will, worth up to £150, checked by a professional will writer to ensure it covers everything you need it to.

Whether you want to set up guardianship for your children, protect the family home or appoint a trustee for your digital life, your will can do it all.

You can make arrangements for your cloud photos and your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts to be managed by a person you trust, so your memories don’t disappear when you do.

And that means whoever you decide is the best person to raise your children will also have your memories and photos to share with them when they are older – a priceless gift.

How to sign up

It couldn’t be simpler, visit no-nonsense life cover in minutes.