Third sector skills are shared with Serbia

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A PORTSMOUTH-based charity is set to take a trip to Serbia to share its insights into how charities can grow and become sustainable in today’s global economy.

It will be the second leg of an international exchange programme, which saw Serbian third sector leader, Ivana Stosic, visit the You charity.

The charity was chosen by Euclid, the European Network of Third Sector Leaders, to be part of the collaboration between Serbia and the UK.

Ms Stosic, a human rights lawyer, is also general manager of a Business Incubator Centre in Vranje, which supports vulnerable people to start their own businesses.

She said: ‘This is a excellent opportunity to find out how a UK charity works and to see how high quality care, support and advice services are delivered.

‘I’ve been made to feel very welcome by Nicola Youern, the chief executive, and all the staff and service users I’ve met with.

‘We look forward to welcoming You to Serbia in May and developing a long term partnership for collaboration and learning.’