Three large yacht mast set off from Portchester

The barge outside Magma Structures''''Picture: Sarah Standing (151080-225)
The barge outside Magma Structures''''Picture: Sarah Standing (151080-225)
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  • Magma is moving them to Kiel, in Germany
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THREE of the largest yacht masts in the world are being moved in a major operation this week.

The masts, which measure up to 120m, are being transported on a barge from Magma, in Trafalgar Wharf in Portchester to Kiel in Germany to be fitted to the White Pearl, the largest sailing yacht in the world.

The operation started on Monday and should be completed by Tuesday.

The main barge, measuring 70m by 16m, will be towed and pushed by several tugs. The Queen’s Harbour Master advised other boats to remain more than 200m away during the transport.

Yesterday the barge was close to the Magma slipway where the mast loading activities took place.

The loaded barge is expected to sail on Sunday.