Tiny business’s microwave idea makes it hot stuff

AWARDS John Hardy, Barry Clark, Keith Evans, Patrick Bray and Iain Phillips
AWARDS John Hardy, Barry Clark, Keith Evans, Patrick Bray and Iain Phillips
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WHEN Regale started as a commercial microwave oven manufacturer in 1983, little did its founders know that by 2012 staff would be taken to watch the Olympics by one of the world’s best-known companies.

The three-man firm began in the heart of Portsmouth, and while there staff developed a special liner for the ovens which made cleaning them much easier.

The firm has since moved to Gosport, and the firm is so successful that it has now won an award from Panasonic for becoming the technology giant’s number one UK wholesaler of commercial microwaves.

‘We were given a certificate and a bright hand-painted clock for our achievements,’ said Regale’s director, Pat Bray.

The firm is also doing very well during the recession, because it has a product that major firms want to use.

‘We’re 20 per cent up on last year, and 25 per cent up on the year before that, both in terms of profit and turnover,’ added Pat.

‘Last year we had a £1.6m turnover, and the year before it was £1.2m – all thanks to this liner.

‘We’ve done quite well.’

As a thank you the team are going to watch some of the Olympic events on Monday and Tuesday as guests of Panasonic. But while they’re celebrating their success, the team at Regale is already getting excited about future plans.

They will be watching Team GB attempt to dominate the rest of the world, while plotting their own world domination.

Daewoo has asked the firm to manufacture one of the liners for them for use in its new range. If it’s successful they will roll it out in Europe and then the USA.