Tiny Lego tourist hits Portsmouth

VISITOR The lego man photographing Southsea's South Parade Pier. 'Picture: Andrew Whyte www.LongExposures.co.uk
VISITOR The lego man photographing Southsea's South Parade Pier. 'Picture: Andrew Whyte www.LongExposures.co.uk
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HERE are views of Portsmouth from the perspective of an inch-tall Lego man.

Commercial photographer Andrew Whyte, 38, has taken more than 150 shots depicting the figurine in various scenarios.

Andrew Whyte, of Glasgow Road, Southsea, said: ‘I like taking pictures in the evening and in the night.

‘But I carry that through the day. I found myself taking pictures on my iPhone, of things that take my interest of sights and different places.

‘I was in a Lego shop with my family and saw they sold mini Lego cameras for Lego figures.

‘It is so tiny, it’s the size of my smallest fingernail, but I bought it as it inspired me.’

Uniting the camera with a small Lego man, and the concept was created.

‘I started taking pictures on my iPhone of the Lego man with his camera,’ added Andrew.

‘The pictures document the Lego man and as if he is controlling his own actions.

‘I toyed with the idea of giving him a name, but I think that would be going a step too far.

‘My family have been really supportive because it’s being done on my iPhone. It gives the children something to engage in.

‘It doesn’t take too long at all, but I do make sure the pictures are the highest quality.’

Andrew started taking the Lego man pictures in August last year.

He has taken pictures from the Great South Run, along the seafront and trainspotting.

Andrew added: ‘At first it took me a while to remember to get him out.

‘He would be in my camera bag and I would forget.

‘But I’m now doing a project called the 365 Project where I take a picture of the figure every day for 365 days.

‘It doesn’t have to start from January 1, but that’s when I began my project.

‘It does generate interest when I go out and about to take pictures.

‘At least people can tell what I’m taking a picture of, they come and talk to me and watch me.

‘It would be interesting to make an exhibition of the pictures, but I still have 10 months of the project left.

‘So far my pictures have been biased around the seafront, but I would like to take pictures in the city centre and Hilsea.

‘I’ve finally found a use for the tiny pocket I have in my jeans – that’s to put the Lego man in.’

For more information see facebook.com/legography and www.LongExposures.co.uk