A Titchfield couple have invented a bread made from vegetables and we tried it out

Earlier this week we reported on a couple from Titchfield who have invented a bread made from vegetables. They run Boxxfresh, a vegetable delivery service, here business editor Kimberley Barber reviews their service.Â

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 5th July 2018, 7:36 pm
Updated Monday, 16th July 2018, 5:38 pm
A large box from Boxxfresh, a vegetable delivery service in Titchfield
A large box from Boxxfresh, a vegetable delivery service in Titchfield

It's an absolutely scorching summer day and it's been a busy one. The baby has been up since the dawn chorus (yes that it is before 5am) and it's been one non-stop rush of appointments, baby groups and phone calls.

Like many working mums I have a weekday off to cut down on the exorbitant nursery fees. It's Friday and like I say, I'˜ve been rushed off my feet.

The baby has just settled down for his afternoon nap and just two minutes after closing his eyes, the doorbell rings. Usually I'd be annoyed at this. Many doorstep salespeople have had short sharp shrift from me when they've done the same.

However, it's okay today as I open the door to be greeted by a smiling delivery man from Boxxfresh. He must wonder what I've been up to as I'm pretty dishevelled. So much so, that he offers to carry the box in for me - either I must look knackered or this is just the firm's usual excellent customer service.

The box is heavy and it's full to the brim with fresh fruit and veg - plus a couple of loaves of Vegbred - that I picked out online earlier in the week.

The company, which runs from its base in Titchfield, says that it prides itself on providing fresh, good quality produce. And I can't argue with that as all the items are delicious - and especially appealing in the hot weather.

I'd picked light and chosen watercress, pea tops, tomatoes, cucumber, celery, avocado and spring onions - all the ingredients for a healthy salad (my Slimming World consultant would be ever so proud of me). The tomatoes, grown on the Isle of Wight, were a highlight - bright red and they actually tasted of tomato - I find supermarket brands often taste of water.

A large box from Boxxfresh, a vegetable delivery service in Titchfield

Also in my box - a large box has 20 items for £25 - are carrots, potatoes, red and white onions, mushrooms, sweet potatoes and peppers.

There's fruit too - bananas, flat peaches, apples, pears and my personal fave rhubarb. A banana and peach are consumed within seconds of the box being opened.

There's a recipe card too, for a veg stir fry. As I've got nearly all the ingredients - with a bit of help from my store staples of lazy ginger and lazy chilli, come on who has time for all that chopping? - I make a big portion. Usually I need at least some kind of meat on my plate, but as the ingredients were so tasty, it was delicious and I didn't miss it. The mushrooms were beautiful.

This recipe is such a success that we have a slightly different version the next day.

Day three and meat is back on the menu and in the slow cooker - the saviour of any busy mum. It's a chicken curry and the onions and sweet potatoes are thrown in too. Delicious and filling for all the family.

By day four and we've still got veg left over so the carrots and potatoes accompany a pie.

All the while, salads are being taken to work for lunch and the fruit is being eaten by all for breakfast. There's even been a few - avert your eyes here Slimming World consultant - naughty sausage sandwiches dripping with ketchup made with the Vegbred - bread made from sweet potatoes that I ordered an an extra.

I'm not going to lie, we've had veg boxes delivered before and ended up cancelling them as we either weren't happy with the produce or the cost compared to the supermarket, but Boxxfresh has converted me back.

It was nice to have a big stock of fresh and healthy food that the whole family could tuck into. Yes the supermarket is cheaper, but there's something exciting and satisfying about having a box delivered to your house that you know is full of good quality produce and that it has been ethically sourced. In my opinion, it's worth a try.

Go to boxxfresh.com