Titchfield firm to keep census data protected

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Geoff Holt, who runs Wetwheels Solent

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A TITCHFIELD firm has been chosen to protect the vital statistics of every person living in the UK.

Powertecnique has been called in to ensure there is never an interruption in the supply of power to the Office of National Statistics building nearby.

The ONS’s Titchfield site, a former barrage balloon station, is where all the census information for the population is kept, stored in data rooms within the facility.

A spokesman for Powertechnique said: ‘It is of critical importance to be able to protect the data, in this case from loss caused by a potential downtime in power supply.’

The firm installed two Uninterruptable Power Supply units, which ensure there will always be a constant current feeding the data rooms, using 25 metres of cables to do so.