Train passengers speak of frustration as revised Southern timetable causes problems across region

COMMUTERS raised fresh concerns over the quality of train services as Southern Railway launched its new timetable yesterday.

Tuesday, 12th July 2016, 6:03 am
Updated Thursday, 25th August 2016, 7:13 pm
Commuters are getting fed up wth delays

Southern introduced a reduced timetable in a bid to make services ‘resilient’.

But despite the move, which has seen it cut 341 trains a day for a month, passengers on the network faced another day of delays.

Passengers at Fareham station said the changes resulted in busier trains and delays of up to 20 minutes.

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But for people travelling short distances to Portsmouth, Southampton and Winchester, they said they only put with minor inconvenience – compared to people having to travel to London.

Robert Wicks, of Fareham, said: ‘I did expect there to be bigger delays.

‘Luckily, I can get the South West Train services to Portsmouth and Southsea.

‘I feel bad for all the people who need to travel to London. Southern Railway needs to do something because this problem will only get worse.’

Fellow commuter Lindsay Butler, who was travelling to Southampton, added: ‘My train is delayed by about 15 minutes, which is annoying but not unheard-of on a normal weekly basis.

‘There is concern at the lack of services in the morning and if they are all delayed it will cause them to be busier.

‘Hopefully it doesn’t get worse and the delays become a daily occurrence.’

People took to social media to voice their anger at facing delayed and cancelled services.

Dylan Jane tweeted: ‘The new improved restricted timetable from today to ensure trains run on time.

‘First one I need to get. Cancelled.’

Alex Denvir tweeted: ‘Its a joke – one train per hour instead of four from Dulwich & Peckham to London Bridge in morning.’

Commuters angered by delays also staged a demonstration at London’s Victoria Station. More than 100 disgruntled rail users took to the concourse of the station to protest after months of chaos caused by frequent cancellations by Southern Railway.