Train passengers voice concern as Southern starts reduced timetable

COMMUTERS raised their concerns on future train services as Southern Railway launched a new timetable this morning.

Monday, 11th July 2016, 10:29 am
Updated Monday, 11th July 2016, 11:32 am
Southern Railway launched a new timetable this morning.

For some train passengers at Fareham station, the change in timetable meant they had to use a busier South West Trains service to get to their destinations on time or wait up to 20 minutes for their delayed service.

But for the people travelling short distances to Portsmouth, Southampton and Winchester, they said it was a minor inconvenience compared to people having to travel to London.

Robert Wicks, from the town, said: ‘I did expect there to be bigger delays.

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‘Luckily, I can get the South West Train services to Portsmouth and Southsea.

‘I feel bad for all the people who need to travel to London. Southern Railway need to do something because this problem will only get worse.’

Fellow commuter Lindsay Butler, who was travelling to Southampton, added: ‘My train is delayed by about 15 minutes which is annoying but not unheard of on a normal weekly basis.

‘It is a concern at the lack of services in the morning and if they are all delayed it will cause them to be busier.

‘Hopefully it doesn’t get worse and the delays become a daily occurrence.’

People took to social media site Twitter to voice their anger at facing delayed and cancelled services.

Dylan Jane tweeted: ‘The new improved restricted timetable from today to ensure trains run on time. First one I need to get. Cancelled.’

Alex Denvir tweeted: ‘Its a joke - 1 train per hour instead of 4 from Dulwich & Peckham to London Bridge in morning.’