Wages not up with inflation

Chimichanga at Port Solent. Picture: Malcolm Wells

Jobs to be axed as Prezzo confirms Chimichanga closures at Port Solent and Whiteley

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AVERAGE earnings for 33 occupations last year were between 20 per cent and 54 per cent below 2007 levels, a new study by campaigning trade union GMB has found.

The findings also showed a further 117 occupations were between zero and 20 per cent down after inflation.

The real value of earnings for full-time workers in all groups in the UK were 12.6 per cent below 2007 levels.

Caring, leisure and other service occupations were the major occupational group that fared worst – being 14.3 per cent below its value in 2007.

Paul Maloney, GMB Southern region secretary, said: ‘Since the great crash of 2007/8 the twin features of inflation of 27 per cent and little or no pay rises has taken a heavy toll on the real value of average earnings for workers in the south east.

‘Only for 19 occupations have earnings kept pace with inflation and grown.’