Warning about internet puppy sales

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TRADING Standards has issued a warning after four families were misled into buying illegally-imported puppies online.

Hampshire County Council’s officers are advising people to be extra cautious when buying dogs from internet sites and to make sure they don’t part with any money without being certain of the animal’s origin.

It follows Trading Standards being alerted to four cases in the past month where puppies have been illegally imported from Eastern Europe.

Three of the animals had not been vaccinated correctly and one vaccinated puppy had its papers doctored to make it seem younger than it was.

A council spokesman said: ‘These animals are often sold over the internet from sites that at first glance look as if they are UK suppliers.

‘Consumers can end up paying over £1,000 for the puppies alone, only to find that they may then be caught with an unexpectedly large bill for quarantine when it is discovered that the puppies have been illegally imported into the country.’

If you have any concerns about a puppy you have purchased call animal welfare on 01962 833621.