Waterlooville music store Focus Sounds closes its doors

Owner of Focus Sounds Steve Butler ''Picture: Sarah Standing (14950-8783) PPP-140329-175313001
Owner of Focus Sounds Steve Butler ''Picture: Sarah Standing (14950-8783) PPP-140329-175313001
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A POPULAR music store has closed its doors after a final trading day.

Focus Sounds, in London Close, Waterlooville, held a big two-day sale after announcing earlier this year that it was set to close.

CDs, DVDs and vinyls were all sold for 50p as owner Steve Butler looked to get rid of the last of his stock.

The shop was full of customers who flicked through the many racks of CDs and DVDs eager to pick up a bargain.

The store was opened by Mr Butler when he was 15 years old but, after 41 years of trading, he has closed it.

Mr Butler, from Waterlooville, said: ‘I have had to close the shop because of financial problems.

‘I decided to open it when I was only a teenager because I enjoyed music.

‘Not many people would be able to just decide to set up a shop nowadays, especially at that age but I managed it and I loved it.

‘We announced in January that we would be closing and Friday and Saturday were the last two trading days.

‘The shop had a lot of stock left so we reduced it all to 50p to help sell it.’

A large percentage of the stock flew off the shelves as music enthusiasts raced to get their hands on the CDs.

Mr Butler added: ‘A lot of our stock has been sold in the last two days which is good.

‘We had so much but we have been busy with customers buying stacks and stacks.

‘It had been non-stop since we announced the sale.

‘I don’t know what I will be doing with the items that didn’t sell but I guess they will end up at a car boot somewhere.’

Customers who used the store were shocked when it was first announced that it was closing.

Mark Bradburn, 53, a regular at the nearby pub, The Wellington, said: ‘I bought my first record there in 1970-something. It sold films as well.

‘There was nothing that man could not get. He was the most knowledgeable person you could ever come across.

‘It’s a real shame.’

Other people expressed their sadness on online blogs.

Tony Richardson said: ‘I was gutted when I found this out. Good luck Steve and a big thank-you for unknowingly providing the soundtrack to my youth.’