We have enough power to keep Portsmouth running says electricity firm

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POWER supplies to the Portsmouth area are ‘more than capable’ of meeting the city’s electricity demands, Southern Electric has said.

It comes after the leader of Portsmouth City Council wrote a letter to energy secretary Ed Davey with his fears the electrical distribution network will not be able to cope with the immense power demands of two new aircraft carriers which are due to arrive at the naval base later this decade.

Now, Southern Electric Power Distribution has sought to reassure people in Portsmouth there is no risk of the lights going out.

A spokesman for the firm said: ‘We would like to reassure the people of Portsmouth that the local electricity network capacity meets all industry regulations and there is no risk of the lights going out due to lack of network capacity.

‘We have recently held meetings with Portsmouth City Council and local developers to discuss the local electricity network and how we can accommodate their plans for the future.

‘At the time we explained in detail that the network is more than capable of meeting its current electricity demands and Southern Electricity Power Distribution looks forward to working with the council to help with the development of the city as it continues to attract new business.’

As reported in The News, one option being considered is for a power station to be built inside the walls of Portsmouth’s naval base.

In a statement, the Ministry of Defence reiterated its commitment to spend £100m to accommodate the carriers when they arrive in Portsmouth.

A spokeswoman said: ‘The arrival of the Queen Elizabeth-class aircraft carriers in Portsmouth from 2017 will herald a bright future for the Royal Navy and the city.

‘We are investing more than £100m to accommodate the flagship vessels, which alongside the Type 45 destroyers will help sustain jobs in Portsmouth for years to come.’