We’ll make Albert Road our own art gallery!

ROAD SHOW Ian Parmiter with students Katana Ashby and Samantha Danckwerts
ROAD SHOW Ian Parmiter with students Katana Ashby and Samantha Danckwerts
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STUDENTS who couldn’t find a gallery for their art have decided to take over shop windows in Southsea’s Albert Road instead.

The Albert Road Trail was created by the second-year fine art students from the University of Portsmouth.

The exhibition is part of their degree and will show the students’ latest contemporary pieces.

In previous years, the show has taken place in a hired room – but this year, the students had no luck in finding a suitable place big enough.

Student Sammy Danckwerts said: ‘There are 20 pieces of art to showcase but we could not find a work space big enough that was around our budget.

‘After some brainstorming, we came up with the idea to do mini art exhibitions in shop windows’

‘We chose Albert Road as it seemed a suitable place full of students and full of life. We asked around and 14 venues have already been agreed. The shop owners seem just as excited about it as we are.’

Some of the premises who are involved in the exhibition include Little Johnny Russells, the King’s Theatre and Parmiters Antiques.

Sue Parmiter said: ‘We like to support anything that goes on, especially in Albert Road.

‘It will be good fun.’

Alain LeRay, owner of hairdressers LeRays, said: ‘When the university students approached me, I was very keen.

‘It’s a really good thing for Albert Road and I cannot wait.’

Rick Christie, owner of Head Hairdressing for Men, said: ‘The work is going to look superb and it is great to think people will be coming to Albert Road to look at the art.’

Work is already under way by university students who are raring to go.

Student Matt O’Donovan said: ‘The mini exhibitions are a great idea that we managed to come up with.

‘Hopefully it is something that will carry on for future students because it is different and something more than just showcasing art.

‘It is a great opportunity for your art to be seen.’

The exhibition starts on May 13 and the students’ artwork will be on show for the public all week.