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BUSINESSES behind a plan to create the Portsmouth Shipbuilding Company have today said to ministers – please listen to us.

As reported in The News, the group, led by Portsmouth-based marine consultants Stanton Burdett, wants to take over the shipyard once it is vacated by BAE Systems. Now it wants to meet those in charge to discuss plans in detail.

Sarah Stanton, of Stanton Burdett, said: ‘The Portsmouth Shipbuilding Group has been working to create a sustainable and innovative proposal to utilise both the skills and the facility within the dockyard shipbuilding footprint. We have been in discussion with marine businesses looking to build tidal, propulsion, high-spec power and luxury yachts and are working with five businesses in collaboration to build vessels across the energy, off shore, export and leisure sectors.

‘We are currently working on a joint proposal to maximise the potential for Portsmouth maritime. This is a one-off opportunity for shipbuilding to transition into the commercial innovation markets that would make Portsmouth a leading maritime city.

‘It is very important to share this proposal with Mr Fallon and get a decision and some commitment from the government.

‘If there is an appetite for maritime innovation this is a great opportunity for all stakeholders.

‘We need to get a commitment by the end of March or the businesses involved will have no option but to build abroad.’