THIS WEEK IN 1986: Parents not amused by Oink's humour

A Portsmouth woman called on city newsagents to ban the sale of a new children's comic called Oink.

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 8th May 2018, 7:00 am

The comic, published by magazine giant IPC, was branded ‘disgusting and destructive’ by the chairman of Portsmouth Area Family Concern, Eileen Jones.

But the managing director of IPC’s youth group John Sanders said: ‘The people of Portsmouth are the first to complain. I think they have got problems.

‘If you suggest children who read about smashing up BMX bikes in Oink will actually go and do it then you are being fatuous.’

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Oink contained comic strip stories on characters such as New Wave Dave, Weedy Willy, Burp the Smelly Menace from Outer Space and The Revenge Squad.

Mrs Jones claimed it was irresponsible for IPC to publish material which could influence the innocent minds of seven to 10-year-olds and lead them into trouble.

‘The comic is destructive rather than constructive in its outlook and I would challenge newsagents to read it and take more responsibility for what they put on their shelves, even if it means banning it,’ she said.