'˜Welcome to Southampton' poster covered over

A poster proclaiming '˜Welcome to Southampton' to people driving into Portsmouth city centre has been covered up.

Thursday, 15th September 2016, 9:27 am
Updated Tuesday, 4th October 2016, 1:53 pm

But the slogan had appeared on a huge red billboard near the roundabout at the south of Mile End Road advertising Tiger Tiger nightclub in Portsmouth.

The poster, which went up yesterday morning, advertised the Gunwharf Quays club’s Monday night named ‘Sorry, not sorry’.

Starting next week, the event is for University of Portsmouth’s Freshers’ Week and is named after the popular social media phrase for a crocodile tears ‘apology’.

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The night is one of the biggest clubbing events for students in the city.

It drew an immediate response, including criticism from Portsmouth City Council leader Donna Jones, who tweeted: ‘I’ve seen some stupid things...Complaints should be directed to 02392 882244 [email protected] pls share’

Tiger Tiger did not wish to comment on the poster but did engage in conversations with people discussing it on Twitter. It remains unclear if the billboard was a mistake but it seems it was a marketing campaign.

People on social media said they expected the advert to be vandalised.

Commenting on The News’ Facebook page Elizabeth Ann Hicks wrote: ‘That will be soon covered in graffiti’ while Mick Bradley posted: ‘Bet that won’t stay there long. Just saying...’

Pete King said: ‘That’s going to need a police guard if it’s to make it till Thursday morning’ with David Terry adding: ‘I wonder how long that stays without someone vandalising it.’

But others applauded Tiger Tiger on its marketing.

Ali Lance posted: 
‘Looks like some great marketing if it has got everybody talking,’ with Michael Sprake 
writing: ‘Obvious marketing ploy is obvious yet brilliant.’