Why it's vital to choose a funeral director who is fully-trained and qualified to guide you through such a difficult time

When you're choosing who's best to look after you when you're ill, do you choose the unlicensed doctor who opened up their own practice with not a qualification to their name? Or do you pick one who is vastly experienced, has a wealth of knowledge and is trained to the highest level?

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Thursday, 12th December 2019, 12:00 am
Students receiving their certificates from the President of the British Institiute of Funeral Directors. (L-r) President David Capper, student Georgie Kneller, tutor Sally Walton and student Tom Stevenson

Well, we know who we'd choose . . .

The same should be said for your funeral director. Will you pick the funeral director who has not trained or sought any qualification, or will you use the company with the experience and knowledge to assist and guide you at the most difficult time of your life?

The British Institute of Funeral Directors has the highest level of diploma currently available to professionals in this industry. It is accredited with the University of Greenwich at Level 4.

Education is at the forefront of this Institute. M Coghlan Funeral Directors in Fareham and Gosport has three funeral directors who are working towards their diploma and other two members of staff who are already qualified.

The syllabus encompasses all aspects of making funeral arrangements, from health & safety in the workplace to repatriation and coroner's procedures.

So make sure whoever you're dealing with is trained, qualified and able to deal with all your needs and requests.

Those qualified will hold a licence to practice as a funeral director, offered by the British Institute of Funeral Directors. This means they promise to carry out 12 hours of Continuing Professional Development throughout the year, updating their knowledge and learning any new regulations that may have come into force.

Do you know where your loved one is being kept once they are collected from their place of death? We always assure our clients that once we've collected their loved one, they will remain in our care and on our premises until the day of the funeral.

We do this because we know it's important to our clients. The only reason we would be asked to move a deceased person is to allow their local doctor to complete any necessary paperwork. However, we would always keep the family informed if this was the case.

Most of our clients want to know how soon we can collect their loved one from the local hospital or care home, and we assure them we will collect them as soon as any papers are cleared. We then let them know once they are back in our care.

They are always comforted knowing that their loved one is back close to home. Family members can call in at any time during the working week to see their loved one in our chapel of rest.

For more information, go to www.coghlan.net or call 01329 282711 for Fareham and (023) 9258 0074 for Gosport.