Youngsters win Faith and Football praise

SMILES Faith and Football Enterprise and Leadership Academy graduates        Picture: Sarah Standing (141994-6572)
SMILES Faith and Football Enterprise and Leadership Academy graduates Picture: Sarah Standing (141994-6572)
Sonairton Almeida with Achuthan Leelaratham at 'Villa's Brasil Restaurant      ''Picture: Malcolm Wells (180314-0472)

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MORE than 20 young people have graduated from this year’s Faith and Football Enterprise and Leadership Academy at an event hosted by the city’s Lord Mayor.

Fifteen-year-old Charlotte Larder was chosen to receive the outstanding achievement award for the progress she made during the course, which has run since the start of the academic year.

Mick Mellows, director of the Faith and Football charity, said Charlotte’s progress had won her the special prize.

‘I think what she has shown throughout the year is the qualities of enterprise and leadership,’ he said.

‘They have all shown amazing commitment and a depth of maturity to the academy.

‘Charlotte is a leader of the future, I think.’

At the ceremony last night in the Lord Mayor’s banqueting hall at Portsmouth Guildhall, the Year 10 students were given certificates in front of their proud parents.

Charlotte was handed her award by the Lord Mayor, Councillor Steven Wylie.

After receiving the trophy, the Admiral Lord Nelson student from Copnor said: ‘It’s a 
shock because there are so many people who have been in the academy with me who have done so well.

‘I never expected to win it myself.

‘Everyone has been developing in such a great way.

‘We have been learning people skills; skills on how to do business in a way that is not just to make money but to do something good and be a good person.

‘It looks at the ethical side of things as well.

‘We have been looking at how business can help people in the community.’

Asked if the academy had steered her towards a future career in business, she said: ‘I am not quite sure what I want to do yet after school.

‘What they have taught us has been really helpful for the future and our future careers.

‘I would not be like I am now without their help.’

Charlotte’s proud mum and dad, Jo and Andrew, were at the dinner.

Jo said: ‘I am so proud of her, she has done very well.

‘She has been really devoted to the course. There are lots of opportunities given to the young people as they do the course.’