Tree-mendous effort at annual Fareham festival

Tree-mendous effort at annual Fareham festival
Tree-mendous effort at annual Fareham festival

The festival at Fareham Methodist Church is in its 13th year and sees charities and community groups decorate trees to raise money for good causes.

Visitors are charged £2 to come in, which gets them a mince pie, a cup of tea and a voting token.

At the end of the three-day festival the tree with the most votes gets the profit taken on the door, which it donates to its chosen charity.

This year there has been an eclectic mix of 24 trees, ranging from knitted fruit to a more traditional prayer tree to a brightly coloured tree made of ribbons.

Other trees have been made by children, who have hand crafted the decorations.

Tony Jackson, 78, one of the organisers, said: ‘It’s a lot of hard work.

‘The church does not make any profit from it, it all goes to charity.

‘It always amazes me how people come up with the different ideas, you can sea lot of work goes into decorating the trees.’

James Cunningham, 71, visited the trees with his wife Jo, who had contributed to the tree made by the Nutty Knitters.

The Nutty Knitters meet at Highlands Hub every Friday and the group had been busy knitting an array of fruit and veg for decorations.

Jo, 72, said: ‘It is a such a clever idea and it is a lovely idea.

‘We have been here in the past and to see the kids faces as they come in and see all the trees is really special.’

Meg Cox, 65, was with her two-year-old granddaughter Natalie Cox, who had made a snowman in her play group for one of the trees.

Meg, 65, said: ‘The trees are fantastic. I have been coming for several years and it is a really good event.’

Lesley Knapman was also with her granddaughter, 18-month old Alice de Wit.

They had come to see the Wallington WI’s tree.

Lesley, 72, said: ‘The work has been tremendous on all of the trees.

‘The amount of detail is amazing. There’s so many good trees and so many good causes, I didn’t know which one to vote for.’

The Christmas Tree Festival was held at Fareham Methodist Church, King’s Road, Fareham over three days from Thursday.

A presentation was held on Saturday, when Titchfield WI’s tree entitled Tree-cycling was revealed as the winner.