COMMENT: Someone, somehow has to nip all of this school violence in the bud fast

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For the older readers among us it must seem really strange to read how there’s a rising tide of violence nowadays with teaching staff bearing the brunt of attacks.

Yesteryear saw bullying at school, a playground punch-up now and again but can anyone recall an incident where a teacher got hurt?

It just wouldn’t have crossed our minds to physically assault a member of staff, no matter how much you’d have secretly liked to.

Shockingly, the most recent figures from the Department for Education reveal that in the school year 2016/17 in Portsmouth, there were 211 fixed-term suspensions for physical assaults against adults compared to 47 in the 2008/9 academic year.

And a survey  by the NASUWT teaching union revealed that nearly nine in 10 (a staggering 87 per cent) teachers have suffered verbal or physical abuse from pupils over the past year, with 84 per cent of teachers having been sworn at and 40 per cent verbally threatened.

It’s not just in our neck of the woods either. According to the National Education Union website, the 2016/17 Crime Survey for England and Wales results show that teaching and education professionals have a higher than average rate of violence at work.

Across all groups, teachers have the eighth highest level of violence at work, out of 25 occupational areas and  the level of violence against teachers is higher than in a number of occupational groups, including sales, customer service occupations and skilled trades. 

So what’s the reason behind this  saddening trend in our places of education? Hard to fathom, hard to fix but surely the parents of the violent children must get more involved or the trauma will continue for the child when they actually leave school for the adult world.