Dozens of Portsmouth students left without accommodation at the start of term because new city centre halls block is not ready

Stanhope House in Portsmouth - what it is supposed to look like, and how it was last week
Stanhope House in Portsmouth - what it is supposed to look like, and how it was last week
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More than 50 students have not been given alternative accommodation after a £30m student halls was not built in time for the start of university term.

The University of Portsmouth said Prime Student Living could not find housing for 51 students due to live in Stanhope House in Commercial Road.

They have been released from their contracts and now face finding somewhere else to live other than the unfinished 256-bed block – which was supposed to be ready in August. 

The 19-storey Crosslane Student Developments building is behind schedule, with students due to move in last week asked to stay home two to three weeks by the block’s operator. 

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University student housing staff have been finding room shares in existing university-operated halls to cover the shortfall. 

One student told The News that when he checked into a hotel another group of students arrived to find their rooms, due to be booked by Prime, had not been reserved.

They got rooms only after Prime then booked rooms hours later, he said. 

The university does not own the new development and does not operate it. 

A university spokeswoman today confirmed some students hoping to move into alternative accommodation provides by Prime on Saturday found it was not available until Sunday. 

She said: ‘The university was able to provide alternative halls of residence accommodation in its own halls or those of its partners or other providers in the city.

‘All students who have been in contact with Student Housing have been offered alternative accommodation.
‘Any student who hasn't been in touch with our Student Housing team is encouraged to do so 023 9284  3214.’

A spokesman for Crosslane previously said unforeseen circumstances had delayed the construction, and that of a block in Swansea, and apologised. 

Construction is continuing today at the site.