Female trucker loves life behind the wheel of her 44 tonne lorry

AS A 24-year-old woman with a degree in photography Katie Pycroft is certainly not your average trucker.

Sunday, 29th July 2018, 9:49 pm
Updated Sunday, 29th July 2018, 10:54 pm
Katie Pycroft alongside her 44 tonne truck

Katie has always had a fascination of lorries,  which goes back to her childhood.

'˜I have always loved lorries,' said Katie.

'˜Even as a child when I would go on family holidays I would be fascinated by the lorries on the road. I was intrigued as to where they had been and where their final destinations could be,' she added.

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Despite a brief career in photography and retail, deep down Katie has always been attracted to life on the road.  

Katie's decision to pursue trucking as a career choice was ignited by a birth day present from her mother.

'˜My mum bought me an experience day for my birthday to drive an articulated lorry around a race track. I absolutely loved it,' said Katie.

Katie obtained her class one articulated lorry licence in February 2017 and  now works for Southampton based haulage company Maritime Transport.

She can regularly be found behind the wheel of her 44 tonne truck heading to destinations around the UK.

'˜The best aspect of my job is going to different places and meeting new people. I have always loved driving and travelling to so many places every day is so different. There is also a freedom to being on road where I get to organise my own time. I love being in my cabin departing on a new journey with my music on,' explained Katie.

Despite Katie's passion for her job she admits to women being very much in the minorit y in the industry.  

'˜The transport industry was just never a potential option when I was at school. I have only met four other female drivers in my time on the road. I get so chuffed when I see another female driver coming towards me,' said Katie.

Despite working in such a male dominated industry Katie has never experienced any discrimination.

Katie said: '˜I just feel like I am one of the guys. I just fit in and my gender doesn't come into it. As long as you can do the job whether your male or female doesn't matter.'