Gomer Junior School teachers react to Pompey-Southampton police presence

This story was written by Year 6 pupils Eve Wealthy, Megan Draper and Matthew Paige at Gomer Junior School.

Monday, 7th October 2019, 4:04 pm
Updated Tuesday, 8th October 2019, 3:30 pm
A man was caught on video punching a horse ahead of the Pompey v Saints match at Fratton Park.

On Tuesday last week, local tensions rose during the Pompey versus Saints derby match.

It even went as far as a fan committing animal cruelty by punching a police horse.

Mr Potter, Gomer Junior School’s associate head teacher, said: ‘The large police presence was needed to keep true fans safe. Sadly, if the police were not there, there may have been more incidents.’

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The police anticipated that a minority of the fans would try to disrupt the game. They escorted those travelling by coach and train to the ground to ensure their safe arrival. Police were given powers to stop and search fans or ask them to leave the area. It was important that they were allowed to do this as the police found a pyrotechnic explosive.

The police did a fantastic job with no one injured and only five people arrested.

Mr Merrifield, a Gomer Junior School Yr 6 teacher, said: ‘The police were needed although it was a waste of local resources. The police should not have had to be there as adults should be able to conduct themselves.’

Mrs Prince, part of Gomer Junior School’s office staff, added: ‘It was necessary for the police to be there but ridiculous that it was needed in the first place.’